Why Websites Load Slowly: 5 Culprits to Watch Out For

So you think you’ve done a pretty good job developing your website for your launch. You got an affordable custom website design, used quality photos from commercial photography, created useful blogs, and more. But just when you are about to launch your website and get a surge in online traffic, it begins to load slowly. And every second of delay can result in credibility dent and revenue loss.

Do you want to avoid this mishap in operating your business website? Find out the five culprits that make a website load slowly so you can mitigate the risks as soon as possible.

1. Poor Server Performance

When a customer lands on your website, their browser prompts the server and asks for information and data to load the site. If the server is performing unsatisfactorily, it will slow down the loading speed of the website.

A poor-performing server can be attributed to a poor web host. Usually, when you sign with a cheap web host provider, your web host provides you space on a shared server. In essence, your website