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Top signs you're overdue for a new website

It's important to make sure your website is modern and working properly so that your customers can get in touch.

But what are the signs that perhaps it's time for a refresh?

Slow loading time

Website loading speed is critical to the overall user experience. It affects the time visitors spend on the website and their overall satisfaction. A slow-loading website can lead to higher bounce rates, which means fewer customers and less new leads for your business.


Various factors, including the server hardware, the hosting provider, and the website itself, determine a website's loading speed. But if you want to minimise the loading time, one of the best alternatives is to update your web design. After all, there are many ways to optimise a website for faster loading speeds, such as compressing images, minimising code, and caching.


Another way is to test your site's speed through Google's PageSpeed Insights test. With this tool, you can review your website's performance and receive recommendations on improving it.

Your website doesn't work properly on mobile

Since many people are now transitioning to mobile devices due to their portability and convenience, it is important to ensure that your website is optimised for mobile access. To do this, you can use a mobile-friendly or responsive design. A mobile-friendly design means that the content on your website is developed for mobile devices, while a responsive design ensures that the content on your website is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.

Lots of older websites still don't properly utilise mobile phones and tablets.

It's not clear what you offer

When someone asks us to quote for a new website, one of the most common reasons they have taken the plunge is "a customer didn't know what services we provided."

It's easy for a website to focus on looking cool or being too focused on pictures, reviews or other features but without having a clear central message. If you're a plumber, your website should be clearly saying "Plumber in St Neots" or similar wording.

Be clear in your message. Customers don't have the patience to try and find out for themselves.

Final Thoughts


Having an up-to-date website is essential for businesses and customers alike. If you notice any of these signs above, you must take action and get in touch today.

We have been creating websites in St Neots for small businesses since 2012.

Pop us an email: or visit our Contact page here.


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