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About Us

We're a friendly, local web design agency in St Neots who specialise in working with other small, local businesses and creating them fresh, beautifully designed custom websites.

We are a married couple - a web developer and web designer. Match made in heaven! We love meeting other small, local businesses and working together to improve your website and marketing.


Shaun began running

Shaun Prince Computer Services, also  offering websites


We began working together, using our specialist skills to help each other out


Kat started Kat Moir Web Design after working for an agency for 5 years


We officially merged into a Limited Company and have worked together full time ever since


Shaun created Online Designs in 2012 straight out of college as part of his IT repairs company. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of local businesses and as the website side grew, he knew he'd have to get help. 

Kat had worked in various marketing & designer roles since she was 18, and after 5 years with a small local agency she became self-employed in 2018. She loved meeting new clients and coming up with funky, functional websites but didn't enjoy the technical side of things such as domain connection and email addresses. So she got in touch with Shaun and they began working together in 2019.

In June 2020, after a year of amazing fun and a growing client base, we officially formed Online Designs UK St Neots Ltd, which in 2022 became Kwoosh Ltd. (For the very simple reason that the previous business name was proving too long for UK bank transfers!) 

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Kat Moir

The design stuff

Hi! I'm the creative - the one who will design and build your site, and be communicating with you most of the time. I love meeting new people, and coming up with exciting new ideas! :)

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Shaun Prince

The technical stuff

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I'll be helping you with the techy side, such as domains and hosting. I'll also be building anything more complex for your site that requires coding or more in-depth knowledge!

Shaun Prince

We have helped hundreds of clients with their new websites and get nearly all our work from recommendations.

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Together, we have experience in:

Small business websites  |  Website re-designs  |  Web development  |  Web & Email Hosting  |  Social Media & Marketing

E-Commerce websites  |  Information Systems  |  Structured System Analysis and Design  |  Advanced Database Design

We're husband and wife who frequently end up working on a new project in the office until 11pm!


We are incredibly experienced in working with small businesses in the Cambridgeshire area and our combined skills allow us to offer a complete package, right from initial meeting to completed website, online presence and technical support.

We are an approachable, flexible duo who love seeing people's ideas come to life in our local community! We have a huge passion for supporting new businesses and watching them grow, as well as reviving and modernising established businesses. We have packages to suit all sizes and requirements, and every single one of our websites is created completely from scratch so you know you'll have something completely unique to you and your business.


We love working closely with our clients!

You can always spot us in local coffee shops

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Enjoying the sun in our 'mobile office'

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