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We work with local businesses on an ongoing basis to create them lovely new websites and then provide the support they need.


I'll be helping you with the techy side, such as domains and hosting. I'll also be in charge of anything more complex for your website.

Kat Moir, Shaun Prince


Hi! I'm the creative - the one who will design and build your site, and be communicating with you most of the time :)

St Neots & Cambridge

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We've been doing this since 2012

Shaun has extensive technical knowledge and started Online Designs in 2012, straight out of college alongside his computer repairs business.

Kat has worked in web design and marketing since she was 18, and in 2019 she joined up with Shaun so they could offer a more comprehensive service together.

Most small web design companies either have design skills, marketing skills, or back-end technical skills.
We have all three.

Both born and raised in St Neots, we know the market, therefore we know how to help you reach your customers.





Shaun began running Online Designs in St Neots alongside his popular computer repairs business

After working with a local agency since 2014, Kat started freelancing web design in St Neots

We decided working together was better than being in competition. We started using our specialist skills to help each other out.

We realised we could offer a better service under one roof. We officially merged and formed Online Designs into a Ltd company



We released our carefully designed Web Management plans to better maintain your websites.

We have a big selection of great local businesses using our services and absolutely love what we do!

Kat Moir
Shaun Prince & Kat Moir
Shaun Prince

"I have used Kat and Shaun's services previously and have been very impressed and happy with the results, so when I came to need a new website designing for my business I went straight to them knowing that they would produce a website for me that would be amazing!

Kat and Shaun are wonderful, lovely and friendly people, very approachable and easy to talk to and they know their stuff- they are efficient, knowledgeable and professional."

- Melanie Singlehurst Pet Portraits

5 stars
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