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Website Refresh vs Website Redesign: Which Is Better?

If your website is starting to appear stale, this can create a disadvantage for you. If a user comes to your site and finds it to be "just another website," they will keep searching for the website they are looking for. That's why a unique website that draws and keeps the viewer's attention is important.

But do you require a total website redesign? Or should you have a website refresh instead? Read on as we discuss the difference between the two and which is better for your website.

What Is a Website Refresh?

A website refresh is used to update a website dramatically. If the website needs a fundamental change, you need to perform this "big picture" change. The site's structure, user interface, visual design, and content are updated. Most site refreshes involve a significant investment of time, money and resources.

How Will You Know if Your Website Needs a Refresh?

A website refresh is needed when the existing structure, visual design, integration and content are not up to the standard of the new industry trends and technologies. Moreover, if your website looks old and uninteresting, refreshing your website will enable you to catch up with the latest technologies.

Website refreshes do NOT help you to update small areas. If you have a website with a few problems, you will want to consider a website redesign instead.

What Is a Website Redesign?

A website redesign improves your website's look, structure, visual design, and content.

It is a "small picture" change used to upgrade a website. This is a better option if you need to upgrade a small website area or have a limited budget.

Furthermore, a website redesign is needed when certain areas within the existing structure and design need to be improved. These are used to fix existing problems and make the website appear more "modern".

This is only used to make small changes to an existing structure and visual design that have become outdated. As a result, this won't be as expensive as a full-on website refresh.

How Will You Know if Your Website Needs a Redesign?

A website redesign is needed when an existing website's visual design and structure have not been updated. If a website is starting to look old and outdated, you will need to consider redesigning it.

In addition, you will also want to consider a website redesign if you face minor problems on your website that affect the user experience.

Website Refresh vs Website Redesign; Which Is Better?

Website redesigns are needed when small portions of a website have become outdated. This can create a problem and frustrate your viewers.

On the other hand, a website refresh is what you need when the full framework of your website is not up to current standards. A refresh will give your website an exciting new look and advanced structure.


If you are trying to choose whether you need to update your website or perform a revamp, you need to decide which option is better. Think of your website as a house. If you need to refresh your home, you need to do a lot of work, but if you want to make a few small changes, you will want to redesign it.

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