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Small business tip: Store your passwords correctly!

There are 3 types of person when it comes to passwords:

- The one who doesn't know any of them or has the same one for everything (bad) - The one who has them written down on paper (not good) - The one who has them all saved securely (yes!!)

Which one are you? 90% of small business owners we work with are either the first or second and it's time to step up your game!

Here's some tips:

Are you on Apple? Use keychain to generate and store secure passwords. No more remembering, no more being hacked! If you're a true technophobe, try using a locked Apple note to write them down the traditional way.

On Android or another system? Find a third party password manager (eg, Google passwords) to store them in securely.

We put a lot of time and effort into helping each client manage their passwords better. It's important, and it's easier!


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