Clarifying Popular Misconceptions about Website Design

The internet is rife with plenty of misinformation, myths and downright false information. This is why one of the first things often taught is that not everything you read on the internet can or should be believed. In much the same line of thinking or doing, there are plenty of misconceptions about website-building that are downright wrong.

Read on to learn about popular misconceptions about web design and the facts behind them:

MISCONCEPTION: Above the Fold Is a Non-negotiable for Key Content

FACT: As the term alone may suggest, this tidbit gets its origin from print design. Newspapers have a physical fold, typically at the halfway mark. In this way, only the top half can be seen post-fold. It's much the same when newsstands and newsagents sell papers. This is why the top half before "The Fold" is key for design since that's how to draw the attention of possible consumers.