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Joining the Dark Side: Does Your Site Need a Dark Mode?

More and more individuals are embracing the dark mode feature that many sites and apps offer. This option allows users to view an interface that has a dark background and light-coloured text. Some sites allow users to toggle between light and dark displays, and others adapt according to the time of day.

Dark mode is a rapidly rising trend, and it’s a feature that the big players like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have already incorporated into their sites. This setting is well-loved among users, and there are even countless individuals who refuse to ever use light mode in their devices.

The Benefits of Dark Mode in Web Design

Light display is what many of us are accustomed to, as dark text on a bright background resembles the look of ink on paper. But why do so many people love the dark mode feature in websites? For starters, it offers several advantages versus light mode. These are some of its benefits:

1 - It’s Easier on the Eyes at Night

Numerous internet users view their devices at night, and dark mode makes the interface easier on the eyes. Many of us are familiar with the pain and struggle of viewing a bright screen when we’re browsing through our phones or laptops in bed, and this feature eliminates the discomfort.

Dark mode also emits less blue light, which is known to keep people awake at night. Thanks to this option, gone are the hours wasted tossing and turning in our beds after doing a bit of web surfing in the evening.

2 - It Doesn’t Hog Battery Life

Viewing websites with dark mode activated helps many phone models save battery life, as black pixels draw significantly less power than white ones. However, this is only applicable for devices with an OLED screen.

3 - The Display Looks Sleek and Attractive

Countless users choose to use dark mode whenever available because of aesthetics. It looks sleek and attractive on a variety of devices, and it helps users hone on in videos and images without being distracted.

Does Your Website Need a Dark Mode?

Although incorporating dark mode into your web design may seem like a hot trend that everyone should follow, it unfortunately does not always go well with all websites. Before you invest in this feature, here are some things to consider:

  • The Target Audience: If your site is aimed at people who likely have visual impairments, dark mode may pose a challenge to them. Older individuals are also more used to using light mode. On the other hand, younger individuals are more likely to embrace dark mode.

  • Your Branding: If your brand’s whole deal is that you’re bright, warm, colourful, and welcoming, it may not always make sense to use dark mode in your web design.

It’s also possible to install a button wherein users can toggle between light and dark modes to better cater to a larger audience.

Affordable Web Design Services in the UK

Dark mode is a rapidly rising trend that’s here to stay, and many large platforms have already embraced the dark side. Numerous users readily embrace this feature because of its many benefits, but not every site can use it. Understanding your audience, branding, and best practices in web design will help you decide whether your site could use dark mode or not.

If you’re looking for affordable web design services in the UK, Online Design UK has you covered. We offer simple, quality, and cost-effective design and development solutions for your personal or business website. Contact us and get a free quote today!

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