Joining the Dark Side: Does Your Site Need a Dark Mode?

More and more individuals are embracing the dark mode feature that many sites and apps offer. This option allows users to view an interface that has a dark background and light-coloured text. Some sites allow users to toggle between light and dark displays, and others adapt according to the time of day.

Dark mode is a rapidly rising trend, and it’s a feature that the big players like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have already incorporated into their sites. This setting is well-loved among users, and there are even countless individuals who refuse to ever use light mode in their devices.

The Benefits of Dark Mode in Web Design

Light display is what many of us are accustomed to, as dark text on a bright background resembles the look of ink on paper. But why do so many people love the dark mode feature in websites? For starters, it offers several advantages versus light mode. These are some of its benefits: