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Essential Pages You Should Include in Your B2B Website

If you’re a B2B business, your website is most certainly your most significant sales and marketing tool. For this reason, your B2B website design plays an important role in their decision-making process.

There are many vital web pages, depending on the nature of your business. However, this article will focus on the three most important pages.

So, which pages must you include on your website at any cost? Read on to find out.

Home Page

The main page is the most essential and often seen page on your B2B website; therefore, it should make a strong impression. It serves as your digital storefront, giving your prospects their first impression of your company and letting them know right away if they want to learn more. Your home page should give a high-level overview of who you are, what you do, and how you can help people.

The purpose of your home page isn’t to communicate the complete story of your company. Instead, it should capture the reader’s curiosity enough to encourage them to explore your B2B website further to learn more about your products and determine whether your solution is a good fit for them.

Keep in mind that your homepage should just be a highlight reel that entices the viewer to explore more, so don’t give everything away on the first page.

Products or Services Page

Your Products or Services page is the second most crucial page in your B2B web design. Other than the home page, this page receives the greatest traffic. It would be advantageous if your website design directs each product or service you sell to its own dedicated page that is easy to find.

Before contacting you to discuss details, your audience wants to do their homework and research what you’re selling. Vendor websites are considered as one of the most influential sources of material by 65 per cent of B2B buyers.

A few crucial questions should be answered on your Products or Services page like what your service or product is, what it accomplishes, how it will help the target market, and how it differs from the competition. You should think about your target audience’s challenges and how your offering can assist them.

Include relevant credibility boosters here as well, such as a testimonial or case study from a satisfied customer. You can also include associated thought leadership content, such as a white paper, video, or infographic that they can keep in exchange for their contact details.

Not everyone visits your B2B website’s home page and then goes through to the rest of the site. Some people may land on this subpage, so it’s fine to repeat some items from the home page in case they missed them. After all, repetition is a positive thing in marketing.

Contact Page

You must know how aggravating it is to go to a website and spend more than a few seconds looking for a way to contact the company. Now, you don’t want that negative emotion on your potential clients when they visit your B2B website. That’s why your contact page is essential.

The best way is to include a prominent link to your Contact page in your navigation since this is where most people will look first. Because you never know how someone may browse your site, it’s also wise to put a link to it in the footer.

Your Contact page should include only a few lines of text. Make it simple for your prospect to contact you now that they’ve taken the decision to contact you. A standard method is to place some pleasant copy urging people to contact the company, followed by a brief form for them to fill out.


Remember that the shorter the form, the more likely the user will fill it out, so only include form fields that are absolutely required. Your sales rep can always fill in the blanks during a one-on-one meeting with the prospect. You should also include a physical address and a phone number because a real location promotes credibility—not only for your site visitors but also for Google.

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