Tips for Choosing the Best Colours for Your Website

Choosing the right colour for your website is essential as it says a lot about your brand and affects the visitor’s experience. According to colour psychology, colours trigger certain feelings on sight.

As a consumer yourself, you’re most likely aware of how important colours are to a brand. Once or twice you’ve probably found yourself either attracted or repelled to a brand based on their colours alone. That said, how do you choose the best colour or colours for your website?

Here are some tips you can use to find the best fit for your website:

Primary, Secondary, and Accent Colours

The first step in creating a colour palette for your website is by establishing a primary colour. When you’re choosing this, it’s important to keep colour psychology and context in mind. Do you want them to feel excited, calm, at home, or something else? Think of it as a signal and the first communication you have with the site visitor. It sets the tone and vibe of