Taking A Break 🥾

This feels like a weird topic to write about (the importance of not working?!) but it's something we are both passionate about and which makes us much more productive during the time we spend in the office.

We find we can both be workaholics - I suppose it comes with the territory of running your own business. Towards the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, we found ourselves waking up super early, charging to the office and returning as late as possible in the evenings. We were taking on a large amount of new projects, which made us happy as the business was clearly going well, but were both struggling to take a day off without dropping the ball on projects and ruining timescales for clients.

We love our businesses so much (and have recently started a third) that it's so easy to just sit here 24/7.

Eventually, the time came for us to try and each take a week off for a holiday and found it really tough to find a time to sign off. As happy as we were, something had to change.