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Website refresh offer 🌈

3 years is the expected time for a design to last before it needs updating to keep it looking fresh and in-line with modern trends.

Our whole business is created around taking the stress away from websites, leaving you to run your business. We think a website has much more than 3 years of life.

That's why we have created our new Website refresh package.

If your website is still working fine but beginning to look a little tired, you can take this special offer, designed for clients on our Web Management Plans.

This package:

- Keep your overall feel but upgrade your design to fit modern trends

- Can sometimes include several new features and upgrades

- Will refresh your website design for at least the next 3 years

- Keeps your website new & modern

- Keeps you ahead of your competition

Above is an example of a before/after for a Website Refresh package. This example was for our long-term client Prime Position Marketing in St Neots, whose website was still working fine but needed a refresh.

If you want to move your website to a modern, forward thinking web company in St Neots who will help keep you ahead of your competition, get in touch! >


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