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An update on *that* crash ๐Ÿš— & COVID-19

What a year!

And I'm not just referring to Coronavirus. As you may have seen from either the local newspapers, ITV news, or our social media channels, we had a rather interesting incident back in February.

We had a call from our landlord in the evening of February 22nd to tell us that a car had careered off the road and smashed through our office. Our friends from Evolve Accounting and Transafe Network, who we share the office with, had also arrived to see the damage - and the damage can't be understated! Thank goodness no-one was in the office at the time.

A Vaxuhall Corsa had literally gone in one wall and out the other, taking out desks and chairs as well as a meeting table and almost all of Evolve's storage cabinets. It was only prevented from entering our old office next door as it came to a stop against our landlord's pickup truck (oops). Everything that hadn't been smashed was covered in dust and shrapnel.

Our landlord on Tythe Farm is amazing, and he was up until 3am putting up a stud wall so we could come back on Monday to work safe away from the damage zone. That was lucky, because overnight the damaged wall seemed to completely blow off in the February wind, leaving our office looking like more of a tunnel than a completed room.

It's unfortunate that it happened during the winter but after a few weeks wearing coats at our desks, the walls had been repaired and we were somewhat back to normal, albeit with slightly less furniture and a reluctance to sit against the road wall.

We can look back and laugh now, but the damage it did is still ongoing. While the stud wall was up, our good friends at Evolve had to move into our meeting room, meaning seeing customers at our office was virtually impossible for a while. Repairing and cleaning our office disrupted our projects but our customers were all so amazing and understanding about it.

Check out the ITV news clip below:

You can see the Hunts Post article here:

We had just started to get new furniture in when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, slamming the doors of IKEA closed on us for now.

Now everything is beginning to open again, we have some amazing plans of how to make this office even better than it was before. The next couple of years are looking really promising for us so we really plan to make it a home away from home. ๐Ÿ’š

Here's the wall the Corsa left the office through. It's still a bit sparse for now but at least it's one solid room!

We're fully throwing ourselves into both making some exciting changes to the business (re-structuring, new project management software & more) and re-decorating our office, so once the lockdown lifts we'll be back and stronger than ever. ๐Ÿ’ช

We can't wait to start welcoming clients back to our space soon ๐Ÿ˜„

Kat & Shaun x

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