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Working with Lifelong Kitchens, St Neots

This project was a long time in development but it was worth the wait! It's been so lovely to work alongside Ryan, Dave and the team on the new website and branding for Lifelong Kitchens in Eaton Ford.

We originally designed Lifelong's website in 2014, when their branding was purple and grey. They're well known in the local area, but it was obvious that now trends have changed, they needed some modernisation.

We were incredibly happy that their first point of call was to reach out to us, their original designers! Shaun was still working with them as IT support, so we popped in for a meeting to discuss what they were after.

We went through a few different designs, as they weren't entirely sure what they were after but they knew what they didn't like! We love this type of challenge though and fired off a few good designs until one stuck.

It soon became apparent that the new website was being held back by their old branding. Ryan didn't like the purple anymore, and their old logo was pushing purple into the colour scheme of the new site. We worked with our designer to come up with a new logo concept - which was much quicker than the website as they liked it the first time!

Once this new branding was in place, the website came along much quicker. White became the predominant colour, and grey the secondary. Ryan was mentioning how most customers are choosing grey for their kitchens at the moment so it seemed fitting! This minimalist scheme opened the site up to clean, symmetrical lines and automatically made it more modern and fresh.

We love the site and we're pleased they do too!


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