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Spiny Normans and the hedgehog website 🦔

We were really honoured a few months ago to be tagged several times in a Facebook post from someone asking for a website. When we looked into it, we saw it was Spiny Normans, a local hedgehog hospital. We got mega excited - we're animal lovers and immediately saw the opportunity to look at cute pictures all day 😍

We got talking to Amanda, who works tirelessly - sometimes all day and night, to care for the hedgehogs at entirely her own expense, plus what donations she is kindly given. She's been trying to raise more donations but was struggling to get them through Facebook and felt that building more of a community would help. She wanted somewhere to direct people to for the latest news and to give tips on looking after hedgehogs in your garden to lower the need for the hospitals.

We had already decided that once a year we would donate a free website to a local charity. A website is essential for people finding you online, especially for charities who rely on donations. But not all charities, especially small ones, have the capital to pay designers, no matter how good affordable the project is. We decided Spiny Normans would be our first donated website, and it was a good choice!

It was great fun building it, as Amanda loves bright colours and fun fonts. We made the call to actions purple and left the rest in browns and greens for a natural and 'garden' inspired feel.

Most importantly, we created Donate buttons that go to a page with three different methods of payment, including a direct Paypal link. Much simpler!

"I am delighted with how I have been helped. A complete technophobe I can honestly say Kat and Shaun have made sure my little Hedgehog rescue has a website and they are helping me maintain it and keeping it current by regualarly sharing my FB posts to my website ( I wouldn’t know where to start. )

I cannot thank them enough and have no problem in highly recommending them. Thank you both so much 💜🦔💜" - Amanda

If you know a charity that might benefit from our donation, let us know!


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