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Hello, We're Human

Having a website for your business has never been so crucial - everyone’s online! But how do you choose the right designer and what should you look for in a web company?

First and foremost, in our opinion, we believe it is important that you know, like and trust who you are working with (and spending your money with!)


We think it’s essential for web design companies to be totally transparent. We have taken this philosophy onboard and, as part of our own web design projects, think it's important to show the human side of Online Designs and behind the scenes. So here goes…

We are a partnership made of a qualified IT practitioner and an experienced web designer. We have both run our own successful businesses before we combined our skills and launched our web design company.

Shaun is incredibly experienced in IT repairs, upgrades, and installations, but where his heart always lay was in websites. He loves the techy side of it - domain connections, web and email hosting packages, troubleshooting - the stuff most other people would rather just hand to an expert. Handy!

I've always been creative and arty but never found exactly where my skills were leading me, until I landed a marketing job over a decade ago and gradually moved towards graphic and web design. I've also started dabbling with the more artistic side as well, practicing drawing and illustrating in order to offer a more full service.

When we decided to join up as a team, I started working a few days from Shaun's office in Wyboston and never left!

We are incredibly experienced in working with small businesses in both Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, being based right on the border of the two counties (literally within a few metres of it) and have helped hundreds of local clients with their websites. We are friendly and helpful and promise not to bombard you with technical speak, unless the situation warrants it! We will take the time to find out about your business and how we can help you best, and just get it done. Simple!

As a local, 2-person team we can offer you a personal service, and you can rely on us to get the job done. We absolutely love working together and wouldn't change this for the world! Not only do we work brilliantly together in the office, but we’re also best friends outside of work, live together, and love spending time together, whether hiking, watching films, or randomly working all night because we felt like it!

Anyway… we know it's not all about being nice! One of the best ways to check a web designers’ credentials is to take a look at their reviews. Do your homework and see what other people (who have worked with them) have said about them. We're proud to be on theBestOf St Neots, where we have over 230 great reviews! We can also boast a top review score of 5.0 on Google, and 5 out of 5 on Facebook. Just sayin’……


If you’re a small business in the Cambridgeshire area, it’s probably best not to choose a web design company in London or Scotland! We have a huge amount of local knowledge which we believe gives us the edge when it comes to creating website design for start-ups in our local area. We were both born here!

We have access to local resources and business connections that companies further afield cannot access. We can use these resources and connections to our advantage and offer affordable design services.

As a local web company, we have up to date information on the needs and preferences of the local market. This means we can advise business owners on the best approach to take when creating content for their website that will increase their visibility in the local market. Seems obvious, right?

We genuinely believe that if you select us to design your website, you will be making the right choice! We are an approachable, flexible duo who love seeing people's ideas come to life in our local community.

We have a huge passion for supporting new businesses and watching them grow, as well as reviving and modernising established businesses. We have packages to suit all sizes and requirements, and every single one of our websites is created completely from scratch so you know you'll have something completely unique to you and your business.

Please get in touch today to see how we can help. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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