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Have a DIY Wix website you're not happy with? Have a quick re-design! ✨

Since COVID, and now with the cost of living crisis, there has been a big increase in the amount of small businesses that have come to us having designed their own Wix websites and asking for help.

There are big downsides to this, and it's actually not cheaper than having one built professionally (see the actual figures on our blog post here!) but it's the reality of the web design industry nowadays.

The unfortunate thing is, the DIY builders that profess to be easy and straightforward really aren't. Even if you've managed to put a basic design together, plus optimise it for all devices, the 'normal' non-web designer won't think to do the SEO, accessibility checks, structured data, and more.

But ignoring the picky issues with DIY websites, the biggest issue is that clients just aren't happy with the design they've managed to create. More often than not they're messy, unprofessional, and are clearly DIY which isn't good for your businesses status or how clients will view you.

Luckily, if this is you, we have a solution for as little as £40.

Come to us with your DIY website and let us fix it up at a fraction of the cost of having a new website designed.

Using our 10+ years of experience, we will dedicate a few hours of our time to tweaking and pruning your homemade design to have it looking like a professional web designer created it all along. And then we can either manage it for you, or just hand it right back to you.

Here are a few recent projects we've completed in this way:

The Good Sense Antenatal & Baby Classes had a DIY Wix website she was happy with, but didn't have the budget to have a whole new website designed.

We logged into her current website and gave it a design overhaul using her existing ideas.

We optimised it for all devices, completed some SEO work, and handed the site back to her.

Put A Spin On It Ltd had a Wix website they had designed themselves which was good but wasn't quite professional enough for their liking. Seeing as they'd already done a great job, it was a basic task of logging in and modernising the design as well as optimising it on all devices, completing their SEO, and submitting it to Google.

Of course, nothing beats having a fresh, bespoke website designed by us from the start, as it will come with all the important bells & whistles. A partly designed website, even with a refreshed design, is in danger of bad SEO rankings due to being non-functioning for so long, causing bad vibes with customers who won't give you a second chance, and having design issues that aren't easy to repair in a couple of hours.

However, if you've already gone down the route of creating your own Wix website, we'd be very happy to pop in and spruce it up for you.

Simply pop us a message by email ( or on Instagram!

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