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Another finished project! EV Chargepoint Ltd - a new St Neots business.

Today we had a wonderful website training session with Dave from EV Chargepoint - whose website we've just finished. It was a really fun project, although not without its challenges.

EV Chargepoint Ltd are run by electricians, who are certified to install a variety of electric vehicle charging points, both to commercial properties and homes.

The company wanted an online booking system, but when it came to handling deposits, and the fact that each installation could be a variable sum, we faced quite a challenge finding a way it could work - plus being easy to manage for the team.

We worked closely with Dave and the team on this, and today we had a coffee with him and made some final touches. Dave's main focus was that he needed someone to give good advice, be trustworthy, and leave him to get the business started.

We're pleased to say that his new website works wonderfully and now leaves him free to drive traffic to it. Over time, the built-in SEO work we have carried out will do a good job helping him climb in search engines, and will complement his future marketing. We also helped with general advice with workflows and how to manage invoicing.

We love businesses that focus on promoting renewable energy as we are both very passionate about the environment, so we're over the moon that there's a new local company that will be installing these electric vehicle charging points.

Check out the EV Chargepoint Ltd website here:

To see more of our work, visit our Portfolio:

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