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Before & After - KPS Building & Renovation ✨

We recently had the pleasure of creating a shiny new website for KPS Building & Renovation Ltd in St Neots.

You can see their lovely new website here:

Their previous website was fine and was functioning well, but there was room for improvement. It had been live a few years and the KPS team felt it was time for a change.

This is KPS's the homepage of previous website:

This is the new homepage we built for them:

The website shows the user much more information upon first glance, and further information is available through clear call to actions. The user is clearly guided to make an enquiry.


Affordable Web Design in St Neots

All of our website packages are affordable and work on a one-off design fee and then a monthly management cost. This means you have no more website stress and none of the weight is on your shoulders.

Hundreds of local businesses agree.


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