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A website that was a delight to create! Welcome to The Kids' Fest.

We're so pleased to show off one of our favourite projects we've worked on! The Kids' Fest is a brand new and incredibly exciting venture from Kim & Mike Rossiter from St Neots assisted by their two young daughters three-year-old Bessy and two-year-old Cate.

The festivals, running in February and August 2020, are huge events for children aged 1-14, with a massive number of games, activities and more. They're running 2 sessions a day over a weekend and need to sell tickets on their website.

We did a lot of research to make sure Kim & Mike had the best possible solutions for their website, choosing from a selection of apps and options for tickets. With so much for them to organise for the festivals, we wanted to provide something easy and straightforward, that was quick to update and also had all the requirements necessary for running an event with potentially thousands of people. Websites are often meant to be a timesaver, containing valuable information and speeding up workflow - rather than creating more work for business owners!

It wasn't long until we all agreed on a good ticketing system and payment gateways and although I can't say we didn't face our challenges with this project (mostly just making sure the ticketing app was set up in the best way for them), the colours and fun images involved made it enjoyable it every step of the way - not to mention how much fun the Kids' Fest team are to work with!

The website fits their original brief of bright, attractive, obviously an event aimed at children but that will attract adults to book, and super quick and easy to purchase through.

We've asked them for a testimonial, so we'll follow this post up once we've received it!

See their new website:

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