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A new website & more for Great Staughton Parish Council

We always prefer to work with local businesses, and it doesn't get more 'local' than the Parish Council for the village one of us grew up in!

Great Staughton (which, for those of you that don't know, is a village 5 miles from St Neots) was where Shaun spent most of his years growing up. He also has a vast selection of customers for his computer repairs business there, and so we were honoured to be trusted enough to quote for a new website for the Parish Council.

It started as a simple new website, as their original one was very tricky to use, disorganised, and design-wise it was a very standard Wordpress template. The Chair of the Council was struggling to upload new articles. Obviously included in the cost we were planning to re-design it to make it more user friendly and encourage more of the village to actually use it, but as the project moved forward, it was obvious much more help was needed. We took an evening trip to the village to take some nice photos in order to make the website look fresh and new, which has uplifted the overall appearance.

As we began to move articles over, it became obvious there was an opportunity to the website to become not just a way for the Council to be compliant by having their minutes & accounts published, but to actually become a central village hub for all news, events and discussions.

For no extra cost, the project became a whole re-think about the possibilities, and how a new website could benefit the entire village long-term.

This is their old website:

And this is their new site that we've built them:

As you can see, it's simpler, easier to understand and more eye-catching.

We also helped design them online surveys and also designed them for print.

Visit their new website here:

Ps, here's a lovely cat we found while taking photos!


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