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A mega exciting project complete! The Overland Event.

We were over the moon to be asked to design a new website for The Overland Event! This is an awesome yearly motorcycle travel event for which people come from all over the world.

It was such a fun and exciting project with beautiful imagery and we're so happy to announce it's now live!

We were recommended by the owner of Transafe Network, who we had previously designed a website for.

The Overland Event already had an existing website, which they'd had for a long time. It was becoming increasingly difficult to make changes to, and the design, although functional, was starting to appear a bit out of date. It was time for a change!

One of the first things we discussed was the ticketing system. The current website handled the payments internally, but the team preferred the idea of using something external, as long as it would seamlessly run through the website. After some research, it was actually us who found the new ticketing software - Ticket Tailor, due to their low prices, great customer service and high number of features included in the price.

The website is a fairly substantial project, with lots of sub-pages for each event. It also needed the capacity to grow as more events are added, which is simple on the platform we use.

We loved working on this and we're so excited to watch it grow!

See it here:

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