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A long-awaited website re-launch - Atlantechs

Scroll down for the finished website as well as a LIVE video of us turning the new design on!

We have been working with Atlantechs for a long time.

In fact, they were one of our first ever clients. In that time a lot has changed. We welcomed Kat on board, changed almost everything about the way we work, re-branded, moved offices (twice!), and continued to maintain the Atlantechs website and have a great relationship with their team.

In that time trends and fashions have changed in web design as well as the devices people prefer to use. For example, when Atlantechs was built web surfing on phones was still secondary to desktops and laptops. Now of course things are very different. Although the website still functioned well and (in our opinion) looked great, there was no denying that Atlantechs' competitors were pulling ahead of them in the website area.

Here is their old website:

We recommended a small re-design, which didn't have to be anything major but would tidy the website up and optimise it better for modern users, making it easier for new customers to both find them on Google and use the website once they got there.

However Atlantechs had other ideas, and they were right.

The team decided that this was the time for a 'proper' re-design, to fully bring them in line with competitors and appeal to the modern market.

But first, a new brand.

We are big supporters of the fact you can't have a good website if your branding is no good. Atlantechs were quick to recognise their old logo was looking a bit outdated and from a web designer's point of view, it didn't have a distinctive brand message and its shape and detail made it hard to fit around most modern design ideas.

Atlantechs' old 'Ship style' logo:

We recommended a designer we have previously worked with - Katie Rawlins. She is based in Hitchin and consistently creates bold, professional logos and branding packs which are perfect for the modern market. Check out her website at

Here is the new branding Katie created:

Atlantechs received a whole branding pack including different logo versions on different backgrounds. Gold dust for web design!

Over to us..

Once the new branding is created it gives us a good steer into what the new website could look like. A brand is central to the website's feel and aims, as well as the physical elements like fonts, colours and graphics.

The new branding, along with a detailed brief from the team, allowed us to come up with a shiny new design.

The new website will also perform better in search engines due to a whole set of fresh technical settings in line with 2023 regulations, and will lead to more enquiries due to the website being simpler and easier to use for customers.

The website works perfectly no matter what device you pick it up on.

Here is their lovely new website:

Check out this video which is a LIVE screen recording of us pressing the button to change their website over to the new design. How satisfying!

Thanks again to the Atlantechs team for being one of our longest-standing clients and continually trusting us with your website projects.


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