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A funky re-design for Papworth Stay & Play!

We were chuffed to be recommended to someone starting up a new parents & toddlers group in Papworth. They meet weekly in Papworth Village Hall and the organiser wanted something funky and professional to start attracting the local parents.

This was their website BEFORE:

As you can see, there is no specific branding theme meaning users won't recognise her business when they visit the website. The layout doesn't work and the website wasn't optimised for mobile or tablet usage, restricting users to desktop use only. It needed some help.

Here is the final design:

We took the colours from her logo and carried it throughout the design. I also noticed she was using little flowers in her logo, so I found some similar high quality graphics and took those through the design. This means her brand is instantly recognisable.

An example of using flower graphics to compliment her branding

Because her logo was brightly coloured, it made the design incredibly funky which I LOVED being able to create! There's nothing better than a bright, eye-catching design :)

I chose a font which is fun and will appeal to children at the same time as being professional and readable.

We installed an Events app and also a blog, so they can sell tickets as well as keep users up to date with events, news, and new dates.

The Events app, which also allows users to pay online

The client now has full access to the website, so please note if you're visiting that the current design may not reflect our work.

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