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SEARCH Engine Optimisation

This is a service that aims to improve your Google ranking for your chosen keywords.

You've probably heard the term 'SEO' being thrown around, but in simple terms, it's the process of optimising your website so it ticks all of Google's (and other search engines) boxes, therefore giving you the best possible chance of being at the top of search results. This monthly service runs advanced software across your website to tick these boxes.

Climbing the search results organically is a process that happens over time, and we help with this by undertaking certain tasks on a monthly basis which can influence search engines into placing your site higher in the results. This includes both technical aspects like Meta Titles and keywords, to on-page optimisation and content, such as a weekly blog post to show search engines your site is up to date and relevant.


We will send you a monthly report to show you how our work has resulted in an improvement in your ranking.


Our SEO Package is £200 a month

Page Optimization

We regularly analyse your site to ensure that it is working at it's best. We check Meta Titles, Keywords, H1's, Alt Attributes (all the important stuff) and fix any errors we find.

Backlink Building

We create genuine links with real traffic to your website. Our links are built to last, and are reliable and trusted by Google and other search engines.

Blog Content

We create weekly blog content around your chosen keywords, built to tick SEO boxes and boost your website ranking. We sometimes hide this from showing in your main blog.

Google My Business

We fix and maintain your Google my Business & Bing Place listings to ensure they have accurate information and are optimised for your keywords for your local area. 

Social Integration

We can integrate with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social channels to give an all round overview of your online presence and performance.

Monthly Analysis Report

We send over a monthly report showing how you site performed compared to the previous month. It includes how your site is ranking for your keywords and even competitor analysis.

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we have over 200 FIVE star reviews

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Drive more traffic to your website.

Make your website work for you by getting you more leads.

Work with a team who know the area and your audience.

We are reliable and trustworthy, and will be honest.

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Google Adwords

It's important to remember that SEO work is a long process, and it may take months before you start seeing real, tangible results. We send you a report every month so you can monitor the progress. If you're after results more urgently and which are more guaranteed, and which will use a process you can control, we recommend trying Google Adwords. We work with another local St Neots business who can help you with this.

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