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Learn what needs fixing on your Wix website, what is working well, and what you can do to improve your search engine ranking, no matter what state your website is in! Jargon-free, as much as possible, so you can understand and make changes yourself.

There are a choice of two reports: Overview, or In-depth SEO.

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the OVERVIEW report
will include:

  • Overview of your website

  • This report does not require us access to your website

  • A summary of good points & any major problems

  • Menu and page structure - is it simple to find all the information?

  • Call to actions - is it simple for users to reach the 'end goal?' (for example, a contact form)

  • Design overview & suggestions - colours, fonts, images & layout

  • Technical audit - is everything working correctly?

  • SEO - an overview of how well your website is set up for Google.

  • Accessibility - is your website set up for users with additional needs?

  • General thoughts & areas for improvement

the In-Depth SEO REPORT
will include:

  • Overview of your SEO

  • A comprehensive look 'under the hood'

  • A summary of good points & any major problems

  • How good are your Meta Titles & Descriptions?

  • How good are your keywords? Could you have chosen better ones? Including suggestions.

  • Other areas which affect your SEO such as Accessibility, Mobile Site, UX.

  • A quick design overview. Are users finding the answers when they come from Google?

We are WIX Partners and have been using WIX for the last 11 years

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