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3 Ways to Ensure Your Web Design and SEO Are Optimised

Many overlook the fact that web design and organic search results are inherently connected. This is why businesses with separate teams such as design and marketing must work closely together. Websites created without taking SEO into account, for instance, might encounter problems along the way. These problems can quickly spiral, leading to devastating consequences.

That said, it’s essential to do it the right way. Below are three ways to ensure that your web design and SEO efforts are optimised:

#1: Know Your Elements

The objective of search engines is to give people the best results available online. This is a unique approach to give way to customers’ pleasure while also ensuring that businesses attract consumers.

On a practical level, what this implies is that search engines will reward sites that provide users exceptional experiences. The last thing you want is to set up a website as the top search result, only to offer slow and irritating website performance. Keep in mind that poor usability means a terrible experience for any user or potential customer. With excellent usability, a user will be more than satisfied to use your website, use your services, and allow you to rank even higher against your competitors.

Good user experience is gained through a more extended period spent on a page or site, increased volumes of inbound links, and a vast amount of social media sharing or cross-posting. These qualities are considered indicators and are rewarded by search engines.

Nowadays, it is not sufficient to focus simply on desktop usability. Naturally, with all the technological advancements, mobile usability plays a role in the bigger picture. Mobile ease is an essential requirement when increasing your online visibility, and it should be a key emphasis of design.

#2: Make Sure You Are Discoverable

Search engines are restricted to the discovery of your material. If there are no appropriate links to your material or if they are broken or hidden, your content will not be detected, and it will be hard to rank your site's pages.

Your design aims to structure an intuitive user engagement with your website, while your goal from the SEO point of view is to construct effective crawl pages and disperse internal links wisely. Fortunately, both objectives are linked and may be fulfilled at the same time.

Prioritise your most important content, including top-level service or product categories that link the keyword topics directly to your priorities. Create subcategories and specific pages for products or services from there.

#3: Get Ready for a Makeover

A makeover may be a difficult moment for a site's SEO value. A website makeover without the participation of a search specialist risks losing a great deal of the SEO value that has been built for years. Many firms inadvertently uncover their errors when their organic traffic takes a plunge and do not realise that.

Before starting the redesign process, you should browse through your present website, including all the site pages and essential information. Assess if any page is redundant, lacking, or needs improvement. Review if some website pages use your target keywords and sift through all your material to ensure that none is left behind in the redesign. When you change your URL structure, make sure that you build a redirect map in place on the new website.


Sometimes, building a successful website means you have to check all the moving parts thoroughly. Although this is not easy for any business owner, you must be reminded that you have teams to help you accomplish extra tasks that come with SEO and website design. And as you ensure that your website is working to its full potential, you will reap results soon enough.

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