Project start Questionnaire

Please answer the questions below so we have the info we need to start your project.

If you're unsure about anything, don't worry, we can help. Just ask!



We will most likely have already quoted you, but please re-confirm if you need any of these chargeable add-ons
You're welcome to decide later in the project, but please tick any additional features you may want.

Please note most of these are included in your project cost, but a couple (for example social media reviews integration, and sometimes stock images) require a chargeable third party app/company. We will keep you in the loop if anything you ask for is chargeable before we do it!

Have you got written content ready for your new site?
Which timeline would you like?

This is how long you'd like the project to take and when you'd like your website to go live. If you have no deadline, please select Standard.


The reason we ask this is so we can schedule in the work. This also corresponds to when you'll receive your final invoice and the completion date of your contract. These dates rely on you sending content, and replying to questions in a timely manner. If you think you'll need longer to prepare content, or are waiting on 3rd parties (content writers, photographers etc) please also bear this in mind when choosing the timeline. There's no pressure, it's just better for both parties to have a guide :)



We are a GoDaddy partner. Would you like us to take control of your domain name? This means you don't need to pay a 3rd party to manage it and you won't have to worry if there's a problem, we can fix it in-house quickly. The price will be on your quote.

Domains are important - they're your web address. If there's a problem, your website will experience difficulties outside of our control, which we can't fix unless we are looking after your domain. Transferring your domain name to us is usually no more expensive, and provides assurance and peace of mind. 

Worried about handing it over? Don't worry - unlike a lot of companies, we will leave you as the legal registrant & owner, and we are just the managers.

Almost every website issue we've encountered in the last 10+ years has been with a domain that we're not in control of.

We are a Microsoft reseller. Would you like some custom email addresses to improve your online credibility and company image? (For example, The price is on your quote and is the same as going direct to Microsoft.

If you've already set up email address, the 'I already have one/some and I want to move them to you' option means we'll take control of them for you and move you to Microsoft. This is often no more expensive than what you're already paying, and means you're on a top quality service. 

Signs of a lower quality service are: Emails going into spam, not sending/receiving emails, your inbox getting full up.

Do you want help setting up a Google My Business account? This is essential for a good Google ranking, and is free aside from our one-off set-up fee of £20.
We donate £15 of each project to a good cause. Which would you prefer?

Thank you for completing our Project Start Questionnaire. We now have all the information we need to start your project. We'll get back to you with the next steps!

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