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Coxs at the Lighthouse

For: A local St Neots fish & chip shop.

Reason: To modernise and appeal to a new generation

When Mick Cox moved to the area and opened a new fish and chip restaurant, his focus was on local businesses and all working as a team. We love this ethic as it mirrors our own, and therefore were so pleased when he asked us to create his new website!

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Mick started off by stating that his selling points are that he's modern, adaptable, and has a fresh outlook to bring to the industry. The first fish and chip shop opened in the UK in 1863, and not much has changed since. Mick wants to appeal to a new generation and keep what he calls 'Britains favourite takeaway' alive.

St Neots is a commuter town, and Cox's At The Lighthouse is positioned right next to the railway station. Mick asked for an online ordering system that would allow people to book their meals in advance and collect before they drive or walk home - just one of the ways he wants to be ahead of the fish and chip curve.

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With a crazily extensive menu and lovely branding, we were also asked to design and install some new menu screens.